Designer + IllustratorCommissions: Closed
Collabs: Always Open
Trades: Mutuals can ask!
🌿 For freelance inquiry please email me:
[email protected]


Feel free to call me Meg or Bear!
25+ β–ͺ She/They β–ͺ EST timezone

✧ Intro ✧I'm an artist and animation grad that currently makes a living as a Multi-Media Graphic Designer. I do a lot of hobby Illustration on the side as well!I love creating and working with characters in different narrative spaces the most (for original work or fandoms).

✧ Fandoms ✧
β—Ύ My top right now are HSR / Hoyoverse, FFXIV, and Pokemon
β—Ύ Interests change with time, so keep that in mind!
β—Ύ Check my FAQ for more info + my ship focus

Q & A

==Can I repost your art? ==Preferably no, but ask first.What programs do you use?For artwork I mainly use procreate on ipad pro!How do I get a commission from you?I'll announce openings on my twitter! For right now I only take them occasionally in private to focus more on independent pieces.For freelance projects: DM me on twitter or email me at [email protected].Can I add you in FFXIV / HSR / Genshin?I'm fairly social in both games, so I prefer getting to know people before accepting friend requests. I love to help others with content though!

My info for both is below:FFXIV ✧ Foxy Grandma' | MateusI own the <Waifu> free company there,
and we're happy to recruit people β™‘
Genshin / HSR ✧ Bearful | NA Server

What are your preferred ships?HSR:Favorites: 🦁🍁 Jingheng (+ πŸ‰πŸ¦ Hengjing) πŸŒ™πŸ¦ Fengjing πŸŒŸπŸŒ™ XingyueOthers: Renheng, Jingren, Dancae, Screwtio, Aventio, Kafblade, Ect.Genshin:Favorites: πŸ¦‹πŸƒ Xiaoven πŸ”ΆπŸ‘Ί Zhongxiao 🌸⚑ EimikoOthers: Zhongven, Albether, Albelumi, Chilumi, Dainlumi, Chiluc, Diluven, Xiaolumi, Xiaother, Xiaobedo, Rezhong, Zhongluc, Scarachi, AyaItto, KokoSara, Beigguang, ect.I'm a very flexible multishipper, generally πŸ” friendly, and easily sold on unfamiliar ones! I love the games and worldbuilding enough to imagine ways characters can play off of eachother well whether they've met or not!

Are you anti or proshipper?Neither, since I have my own preferences. I know that fiction are reality are different spaces, but trivializing or romanticizing certain subjects in fiction will never be ok to me for me to see, and will simply block if I do.Don't bring discourse under my posts about this.